Autumn/Winter Sewing Plans 2021

I really enjoy warm weather and this is reflected in my sewing. I gravitate towards dresses, summery tops and skirts but as the cold winter nights start to draw closer in the UK, I need to start making items which are more suited to the weather. I love to plan and be organised so I’ve decided to plan what I want to make in advance. This will help to keep me on track, not over buy fabric and create a capsule winter wardrobe which I can build on in the future. My aim is to make at least 4 garments for myself between now and the end of the year.

What I Wear

By looking at my current wardrobe and recognising what I like to wear, I will be able to pick out patterns that I know I will enjoy wearing. In the cooler months, I tend to wear dresses with turtleneck tops and jumpers with high heeled boots. I also love to wear my warm pink coat purchased second hand from a charity shop whilst I was at university.

Patterns Selected

The 4 patterns I have chosen are:

Utu Pinafore by Named Clothing
Palo Jeans by Named Clothing

As Christmas is also just around the corner (kind of!), I hope to set aside some time to make some pjs as I think these will make for a very cosy Christmas evening.


Two of the garments I intend to make are from the Breaking the Pattern book which I already own. By re-using the patterns, I am reducing my paper consumption and wastage. The other patterns are already staples in my wardrobe so I know these will be used repeatedly.

In terms of fabric, I like merino wool. This is a natural, biodegradable fibre which ensures warmth. These properties strongly appeal to me. Therefore, I plan to make the turtleneck pattern in this fabric. The factors that concern me around merino wool are the dying process, whereby harmful chemicals are used, and animal welfare. I will be doing my research prior to purchasing the fabric to ensure all my concerns are answered.

The Palo jeans will be made from denim already in my stash. Denim currently makes up the largest portion of my fabric stash so I am looking forward to sewing this rather than buying more fabric.

As for the Nova Coat, Utu Pinafore and Pjs I haven’t decided on any fabric yet but I know I want to the coats and Pjs to be cosy and warm.

For details on the finished garments and progress updates follow me on social media @Circular.Sewing and subscribe to my newsletter.

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