Making a Sustainable Wardrobe

I would be lying if I said I don’t love shopping but my priorities have changed and I no longer want to support unsustainable fashion practices. I have too many clothes to count and have hardly worn some of the items. Sometimes enough really is enough and that is why I will have a sustainable and circular wardrobe by 2023.

What pledge you are making?

I want to have a completely me made sustainable and circular wardrobe by 1st January 2023. I want to make capsule wardrobes for each season, reduce my garment consumption and re-use and recycle a lot of my current garments.

I want to have a completely me made sustainable and circular wardrobe by 1st January 2023

Why do you want to make this pledge?

I want to set myself the challenge as sustainability in fashion is becoming an increasing concern globally. I love fashion but I find sustainable clothing can often be less affordable and we can’t know everything about what we are buying. It is hard to determine how sustainable something truly is due to the many components in getting a garment to market such as the long supply chain and how something is produced. By creating a me made wardrobe, I can make affordable sustainable clothing that I love and will wear for years to come all whist gaining extreme satisfaction from creating all the clothes myself.

Why 2023? Why not right now?

I think 2023 is realistic. I didn't want to set myself a really tight deadline as I want to enjoy the process and take my time creating pieces which I will want to wear, not just now, but for years to come! Sustainable sewing isn’t about churning out lots of garment's day in day out, part of sustainable sewing is taking your time to create long lasting clothing too.

What do you intend to do with all your shop bought clothes?

I haven’t decided entirely on what I will do. I definitely don’t intend to get rid of everything all at once! I will keep the clothes I wear and really like as by getting rid of these clothes just for the sake of it, could potentially add to the current landfill problem. I love to refashion so I will refashion some clothes I don’t currently wear and reuse notions. As for everything else, I really would like some suggestions. I’d like to find a company that uses recycled material in products as I am a bit skeptical of some textile recycling companies. I recently discovered Thrift who sell your second hand clothes for you. I like this concept as it is more likely the clothes will be worn by someone else. I’ve also considered giving clothes to charity shops but I don’t want the clothes to just end up not being worn in another person's wardrobe or sent to Africa and end up in landfill there.

Do you intend to sew absolutely everything?

Yes! I would like to sew everything I can. I also want to learn to knit so I can make some warm winter jumpers.

What are you most worried about?

Making underwear! I have never made pants or bras before so I'm not sure how to make them in a sustainable way that works for me. I am looking forward to doing some research and getting stuck in. My underwear drawer needs a re-vamp so it's probably quite a good thing I intend to make a new one!

How can I follow you on your journey?

You can follow me on my social media account @Circular.Sewing. I will also be posting monthly blog updates along with blogs covering all the pieces I make.

How can I get involved?

This pledge is one reason why I started Circular to encourage people to get involved and join me on my journey. I plan to make garments in lots of different sustainable ways so you can get involved by having a go or trying to refashion something that is already in your wardrobe. On social use #CircularMeMade which is the tag I will be using and hopefully others where you can get ideas.

Do you have any hints and tips for someone wanting to sew a sustainable wardrobe?

Just have a go! Read my blog S for Sustainability and Sewing to give you a few ideas on what kind of sustainability you’d like to focus on. The blog gives you some ideas on how to make your sewing and wardrobe more sustainable so start with 1 item of clothing and build it up from there. There is no rush and just considering and acknowledging the problems with the current fashion industry is already one step closer to making a sustainable wardrobe.

Follow my journey @Circular.Sewing and get involved using the #CircularMeMade. I look forward to following you on your journeys to a more sustainable existence.

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