My Make Nine 2022

2021 was the year I really started to sew myself clothes. I learnt lots of techniques, what fabric choices tend to work well and discovered indie pattern companies. Sewing has taught me what I want to wear in each season so this year, I want to build on what I have learnt to make clothes which fit better and suit my style.

So here is my Make Nine 2022 which will guide me toward this goal and a few extra resewlutions!

1. A pair of jeans

I am yet to tackle jeans despite having already brought the denim to make then a while ago! They seem daunting and I have noticed sewists' have fitting problems with them regularly which has put me off sewing them.

My plan:

To make a pair of jeans using the Modern Sewer Worker Trouser Pattern which I already have and have used to hopefully avoid some of the fitting problems other sewists' face.

2. A pair of loose fitting summer trousers


I am currently thinking the Bisque Trouser Pattern by Vivian would be a good fit for this project. I also think I would use this pattern repeatedly throughout the year so would be a useful pattern to add to my collection.


I know the exact fabric I want to use for this make. It is the Organic Hemp, Buckwheat from We Are the Fabric Store. I have wanted to sew with hemp for some time now and I think this will be the perfect project as hemp is naturally UV resistance, antibacterial and breathable.

3. A dress with a fitted bodice


Currently no pattern in mind. Maybe this will be my first self drafted pattern..... (if so I will be making a toile first!).


I brought some bold patterned fabric a few months ago from a local fabric shop. I brought the fabric as it was just beautiful but I had no project in mind so I think a fitted bodice dress would work well.

4. Anker's Summer Shirt by Petit Knit


I have been trying to knit for a few months and am finally making a little bit of progress! My grandma normally knits clothes for me but I'd like to be able to do this myself. For my first knitting project I am going to attempt the Anker's Summer Shirt.


I plan to use the same yarn as in the sample on Petit Knit as I am not familiar at all with yarn and would like to make something wearable. I think my best chance is to stick with something tried and tested! Yarn will be Sadnes Yarn, Line in the colour Kitt 1015.

5. A zero-waste garment

I like the concept and sustainability aspect of a zero-waste garment. Sewing produces quite a lot of scraps and excess fabric so I would like to try making a zero-waste garment and see how that compares.


I really like Birgitta Helmersson zero-waste patterns especially the gather dress and cropped shirt. I think I might try the gather dress which I can always hack to a top making the pattern more versatile.


For this project I don't want to use a fabric that requires pattern matching as this will negate the point of using a zero-waste pattern. I think I will probably use a linen or a cotton lawn.

6. Statement winter coat with bound seams

I enjoyed making my first coat last year so I would like to make another. This time with bound seams as I saw a coat with this finish and absolutely loved it.


Poppy Coat by Make by TFS has caught my eye. I like the modern, oversized style. I would also like to learn how to do a welt pockets so this seems like a good project for that. The coat is fully lined however, I would like to bind the seams as the finish so would probably not line the coat.


Checked wool fabric for a timeless and warm coat.

7. Pyjamas

I spend a lot of time in pyjamas and I like wearing pyjamas so I would like to make some in fancy fabric that makes me feel less slouchy. Also I just love jarmies and there's nothing wrong with making myself some nice ones!


I have a few patterns in mind I'd like to try:

Agnes PJs by Paper Theory

Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Core

Pipit Loungewear Set by Common Stitch


Fabric is yet to be decided maybe some Liberty Lawn or a linen.

8. More staple tops

My most worn make this year by far were the turtlenecks I made in merino jersey. I want to make more of these in different colours as I wear them on a weekly basis and some more tops I can wear with different bottoms to create a capsule wardrobe.

9. Continue on my lingerie journey

This year I attended a bra making workshop and made a Harriet Bra by Cloth Habit. I want to continue on this journey and make more underwear.


Additional Resewlutions (a great word from Alice-May @thestitchedit)

  • Learn how to pattern cut. I brought Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear last year which has a lot of information. I want use this book to create my own patterns or use it to help me adjust patterns to fit me better.

  • Try buy fabric with a project in mind so I don't build up a massive fabric stash which doesn't fit in the small space I have allocated!

  • Go on a sewing workshop/course. Last year I went on The New Craft House's Bra Making Workshop and really enjoyed it so I would like to go on another. I don't have a particular workshop in mind but will probably be drawn to ones wear I can develop my pattern cutting abilities. I do like the look of Bodice Fitting Masterclass with By Hand London so hopefully this will run next year.

  • Not a sewing resewlution but I would also like to work on my knitting skills which are currently very limited and make a top.

I am currently on holiday and have been without my sewing machine for a few weeks.

I am very excited to get back, get organised and start sewing in 2022!

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