Peppermint Wrap Top

I am very excited to share my first garment for my sustainable and circular wardrobe challenge. I recently made this wrap top and absolutely love it. When making this top, I focused on slow sewing and used true deadstock fabric. I wanted to make this wrap top as it is perfect to wear on a summers evening, during the day in spring and autumn or layered under a thick coat with a pair of jeans. I don’t have much room to store clothes so making items which can be worn all year is a bonus for me and the planet!


I used Peppermint FREE wrap top pattern. Peppermint have loads of great patterns and they are all free. I printed the pattern in A0 as I like to trace my current size then keep the original so I can use the pattern again and again for myself (if I change size) or someone else. I cut a size 3 and shortened the sleeves by 1.5". This was because I didn't have enough fabric to do the full length and pattern match. The sleeves turned out a perfect length through which I was very happy about.

The instructions were easy to follow and involved sewing all the seams with french seams which I originally wasn’t keen on as I find my overlocker much quicker and hassle free. However, for this make I wanted to take my time and sew slow. French seams are a great way to force you to take time sewing a garment especially when pattern matching is involved!

Fabric Choice

The fabric was true deadstock fabric purchased from The New Craft House. As soon as I saw the fabric on their Instagram, I immediately fell in love with it. Mustard is my favourite colour to wear and the stripes added a pattern without being too loud for me. The fabric is cheesecloth and has a slight crinkle to it. I particularly love this quality of the fabric as I don’t have to iron the top before wearing. Unfortunately, this fabric has now sold out but I recommend buying from the The New Craft House if you want to purchase true deadstock fabric as the quality is great, they take accurate photos/videos and they are extremely helpful.


I made this garment sustainable by using true deadstock fabric and taking my time. This slow fashion helps to ensure the garment will last and therefore increase its life span. This garment is also very versatile meaning I can wear this top throughout the year reducing the need to make more seasonal clothes.


I haven’t patterned matched before as I tend to sew plain fabric garments. So pattern matching for the first time and using french seams was a small hurdle to overcome! I thought I had done a great job at my first attempt of a pattern matched seam. I checked after sewing the wrong sides together and the pattern matched perfectly however, after enclosing the raw edges this was not the case as you can see.

My first attempt at pattern matching french seams. Not great, but not awful either!

But there were lots of chances to practice and the next seam I took extra care and I think it turned out pretty well.

Here is the sleeve..... practice does make perfect after all!

Other than the pattern matching I found this an easy piece to sew.


Peppermint Wrap Top




  • True deadstock fabric purchased from The New Craft House

  • Slow Sewing

  • Versatile Garment


  • Pattern Matching

  • Pattern Matching with French Seams

Summary of garment details

Next time

Next time I would shorten the bodice by 1"as it was a little long for me. I would also keep the sleeve length 1.5" shorter than the pattern suggests as I like this style and length of sleeve on me. I will be sewing this pattern again as the fit and style suits my aesthetic and the top is extremely versatile.

Beginner Friendly?

This pattern is suitable for beginners but I would use a plain fabric and instead of doing french seams, use a simple zig zag seam finish. Alternatively, if you are new to sewing and would like to try and practice other seam finishes this is the perfect opportunity to try out a french seam. Although fiddly at first, I really like the neat finish and with a bit of practice it can be sewn quite quickly. If you need a hand or would like some more tips to sewing your first wrap top or french seam comment or email me and I would love to help the next generation of home sewists!

I can't wait to continue documenting and sharing my makes. Hopefully this will inspire you to make your very own wrap top? I know my mum and sister both now want this exact wrap top in this exact material with a few size adjustments!

To see more of my makes and continue to follow me on my journey head to @Circular.Sewing and use #CircularMeMade.

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